June Specialist Toy & Model Sale Highlights

With some truly remarkable early Dinky toys in the June 2018 catalogue, prices were expected to be high and true enough, expectations were certainly surpassed with some excellent results recorded.

Lot Number Item Selling Price 
316 Dinky Toys No.22B Pre-war Closed Sports Coupe. Very hard to find colour combination of cream body with red roof, wheel arches and grille, tin plate radiator surround, solid metal wheels with gold colour wash. Overall an absolutely outstanding example of this very hard to find model. Verified original and very little sign of fatigue or wear. Rare opportunity. £1,690.00
278 Dinky Toys No.23 Pre-war Racing Car Set containing No.23C Mercedes Benz, silver, red racing circle with No.6 to centre, silver exhaust, smooth black cast hubs, black herringbone tyres; No.23D Auto Union, red body, yellow circle with racing No.1 to centre, smooth black cast hubs, black herringbone tyres, white painted tinplate driver; No.23E Speed of The Wind, yellow body, blue circle, racing No.2 to centre, white driver, silver detail, smooth black cast hubs, black herringbone tyres. These rare versions are overall E to NM with no obvious signs of fatigue contained in VG lift off lid card box. A stunning example of a notable rare set with unusual variations. £1,210.00
314 Dinky Toys Pre-War No.24c Town Sedan. Blue body, smooth hubs with white tyres. Stunning example has very minor wear hence E. £1,030.00
312 Dinky Toys No.24F Pre-war Sportsman’s Coupe. Fawn body, brown open chassis, smooth hubs, white tyres. Spare Wheel. A stunning example with very little fatigue. E/NM. £1,030.00
202 Dinky Toys No.60 pre-war British Aeroplane Set. No.60A Imperial Airways Airline, gold, with G-A BTI to Wings; No.60B Leopard Moth, green, yellow trim; No.60C Percival Gull, cream, blue trim; No.60D Low Wing Monoplane, red, with G-A VYP; No.60E General Monospar, silver, blue trim; No.60F Autogiro, gold, dark blue trim and rotors – some general minor paint loss mostly in some areas (see pictures) but overall E contained in VG Box with lid with cloud effect card insert, no strings, illustrated label to top of lid is slightly grubby but complete. Fine Example. £1,030.00
296 Dinky Toys No.24e Pre-war Streamlined Saloon. Mid-green body, purple chassis, white tyres. An already stunning example would benefit further from light cleaning but overall E to NM. £970.00
307 Dinky Toys No.24d Vogue Saloon. Two tone blue, plated metal hubs including spare, white tyres.  Minor fatigue on roof otherwise an absolutely stunning example. E. £850.00
552 Chestnut Miniatures 1/32 Massey Ferguson 780 Special (Bagger) Combine. Complete with sacks and figures plus certificates etc. Model is pristine. £850.00
274 Dinky Toys No.62H pre-war Hawker Hurricane shadow shaded Set Trade Box. Comprising 6 original examples in green/brown camouflage, RAF roundels with yellow outer, red twin-blade propellers. An absolutely stunning example of Dinky aircraft that are NM/M in an E Box. A Rare Opportunity. £790.00
257 Spot-on Presentation Set A. Comprising No.102 Bentley Saloon, two-tone light blue/silver, some paint wear but still VG; No.105 Austin Healey 100 Sports Car. Light Blue with unusual Red Interior, Some paint specs / rubs and minor wear but generally VG/E;  No.114 Jaguar 3.4L. Coral pink body, white interior. Minor rubs but generally VG/E; No.154 Austin A40. Grey Body, red interior, E/NM; No. 118 BMW Isetta, Light Turquoise, NM. Contained in VG Box with inserts. Lid is VG. Some wear to corners. Overall a rare set with unusual colour variations. £730.00
295 Dinky Toys No.920 Guy Warrior Heinz 57 Varieties Van. Red cab and chassis, yellow back and Supertoy hubs with black treaded tyres. Some minor paint chips but overall E/NM in VG/E Box. £670.00
188 Gilson Rieke 1/16 CAT Caterpillar Model Thirty (S/PS Series) Tracked Crawler Tractor. High Precision Detail hand built exclusively for ACMOC. Rare Opportunity. £610.00
275 Dinky Toys No.60G DH Comet / Light Racer Trade Box. Comprising 1 x racer in yellow, silver, G-RACE to upper wings, 2 x red 3-blade propeller (E/NM), 1 x racer in silver, G-RACE to upper wings, 2 x silver 3-blade propeller (VG), 1 x racer in silver, G-RACE to upper wings, 2 x red 3-blade propeller (G/VG), 1 x DH Comet in gold, red trim, 2 x steel twin-blade propeller (VG/E) and 2 x DH Comets in red, G-ACSR, 2 x twin steel blade propeller (VG/E). Contained in extremely scarce VG Box. Rare Set. £510.00
273 Dinky Toys No.62s Hawker Hurricane Single Fighter set. Comprising of 6 original and complete examples, silver bodies, twin blade red propellers, RAF roundel decals to wings. Not stringed in. Stunning aircraft set that is NM/M in E Box £510.00
286 Dinky Toys No.514 Guy Van Lyons Swiss Rolls. Dark blue with light blue ridged hubs and smooth tyres. Fine example is E/NM in E Box. £510.00
527 An impressive and massive Soar Art 1/35 Dora Railway Gun No. 9511 – Largest Plastic Model Kit in the World! M in Box. £480.00
551 Chestnut Miniatures 1/32 Massey Ferguson 780 Special (Tanker) Combine. Complete with driver and certificate etc. A rare find and in exceptional condition. £480.00
170 G&M Originals 1/16 David Brown 30TD Crawler Tractor. Hand Built. No. 41 of 50. With Box. £460.00
148 Tractoys 1/16 Field Marshall Series II Tractor. M in Box. Rare. £410.00
281 Dinky Toys No.60P The Gloster Gladiator Set Trade Box, hybrid set contained in incorrect but rare orange lift-off lid card box advertised one dozen 3-way Robots, code A2052 containing 8 original examples, 2 with glued wings ; silver with printed roundels to wing tips, one has missing wing strut, red propellers. Generally  VG to E. £410.00
305 Dinky Toys No.749 Avro Vulcan Delta Wing Bomber. Silver with “RAF” roundels. Some general wear but overall a VG example that is hard to find. £410.00
290 Dinky Toys Pre-War No.60K Percival Gull souvenir issue. White, Black G-ADZO to wings. E/NM in E Box. Fine Example. £340.00
165 RJN 1/16 Precision Detail Track Marshall Crawler Tractor. Beautiful Model. £290.00
205 Dinky Toys No. 701 Shetland Flying Boat. Damage to one propeller, otherwise E in VG Box. £290.00
194 Dinky Toys No. 106 Thunderbirds 2 & 4. Metallic Blue. Complete. NM to M in E Bubble Packaging. Great Example! £270.00